Privacy Policy

Below is a copy of our privacy policy for this website. If you require further information or clarification about the privacy policy, please don’t hesitate to send an email to

The privacy of any visitor to is very important to us. Below is a summary of the information collected by our website and third party advertisers on this website.

Log Files.

When a visitor enters, we are inclined to collect log information about this visitor. This information is used for statistical analysis of our our site visitors only. The information collected in our log file includes, type of browser, ip address, operating system, date and time of visit and internet service provider (ISP).


Although our site does not use cookies to track our visitors, you may click on a link on our site which will take you to a different website which may place cookies on your computer. Cookies are essentially tracking files that help the site owner to track the visitor’s usage of their site. In such a case, you should read the privacy policies of that site.

Double Click Dart Cookies

Our site may use Google to serve ads on the site. In such cases, Google will place cookies on your computer to help them better serve ads to you.

Google also uses Dart Cookies to better serve ads to visitors. If you want to remove these dart cookies or prevent these cookies from being placed on your computer, please visit .

Our site use other third party ad networks which will place cookies on your computer to better track the effectiveness of their ads. They may also use other technologies such as Javascripts, Flash and Web Beacons to determine which ads to show to you. You can remove these cookies or block Javascripts from being placed on your computer. To learn how to do this, visit the official website of your browser and search for a tutorial for this.